Photographer in Europe

Фотограф в Европе

let's get acquainted

My name is Alexandra Vozniuk and I am 26 years old. For more than 5 years, together with my husband and son, we have been constantly traveling and living in different countries. Sri Lanka - 1 year, America - 6 months, Bali - 5 months, Turkey - 1.5 years, Dubai - 2 months, Europe - 1 year.
For 8 years my main occupation, work and passion is photography. In summer we shoot weddings in all corners of Europe, and in winter - on the islands.
I will be happy to be a part of your holiday and have a fabulous photo session!

Our approach

01 // you ask - we answer

As soon as you contact us through the booking form, you will receive a response on the same day. Us day communication is number one. We will send a reply with full price information and all the details. We will answer all questions by email, phone, FaceTime or when meeting for a cup of coffee. You will be able to learn more about our approach to the wedding, and we will be able to learn more about you.

Фотограф в Европе

03 // we want to take care

We try to discuss the style of the wedding with our brides or organizers. We offer locations appropriate for the style for a wedding photo walk. We select ideas for the morning of the bride. We suggest that it will look harmonious in the frame. Meetings or correspondence will help us to think over the timing of the day correctly in order to have time to shoot everything you have planned. It is also very important for us to create a friendly, warm atmosphere. After all, you do not want strangers to be at your wedding, do you? So we don't want to be strangers to you!  

Фотограф в Европе

05 // you get photos

24 hours after the wedding, you will receive the first 20 finished photos.
Processing of all other frames takes from 1 to 1.5 months. When ordering one photographer for an hour of shooting, about 50 ready-made, processed photos come out. When ordering two - about 80 photos.

Фотограф в Европе

02 // we are working officially

What is required to book your date? All we need to make a reservation is an advance payment of 20% of the service cost.
If necessary, we sign a contract. Once the deposit has been made, your date will be officially booked. And we are all yours! The rest is paid on the day of the celebration.

Фотограф в Европе

04 // That day has come!

We are always there. You can rely on us. We photograph your smiles, tears of joy of your parents and guests, and every detail of the holiday. We convey in the photographs your love for each other, care for the guests and the whole atmosphere of this fabulous day.

Фотограф в Европе

Фотограф в Европе


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