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Фотограф в Европе

let's get acquainted

I am glad to welcome you here.
Before you start browsing my portfolio, let me
introduce myself and talk about my philosophy and approach to photography.

My name is Alexandra Vozniuk and for the past 8 years my main
occupation, work, and passion has been photography. For over five years, I have been continuously traveling with my family and taking photographs for beautiful couples from all over the world.

My photography is unique in its close attention to detail.
I use light, shadows, lines and shapes to create a unique style that highlights your individuality and uniqueness. My style of photography, in my opinion, will remain eternal and valuable forever.

My main goal is not just to create a series of beautiful staged photographs, but to capture the essence of the moment - joy, smiles, laughter and tears of happiness.

I provide an individual approach to each client in order to understand their desires and bring them to life in photographs.

Please see my portfolio below, and if my work interests you, please contact me to discuss your needs
and start planning your perfect wedding.

Our approach

01 // you ask - we answer

As soon as you send us an inquiry using our form, you will receive a response on the same day. Communication is number one priority for us. You’ll see that you can rely on us. We will send you a reply with full price information and all details. All questions will be answered by email, phone, FaceTime or over a cup of coffee. You can learn more about our approach to the wedding, and we can learn more about you.

Фотограф в Европе

03// WE CARE

We try to discuss the style of wedding with our brides. We share contacts of proven experts. We offer locations for a wedding walk. We pick ideas for the bride’s morning. We remind you what wedding details you should not forget and what will look harmonious in the shot. Meetings and written communications will help us think through the timing, discuss all the little things and create a friendly, warm atmosphere. After all, you don’t want strangers to be at your wedding? That’s why we don’t want to be strangers to you. We take care of it, we promise!  

Фотограф в Европе


24 hours after the wedding, you will receive the first 25 finished photos.
Processing of all other frames takes from 1 to 3 months. When ordering one photographer for an hour of shooting, about 50 ready-made, processed photos come out. When ordering two - about 80 photos.

Фотограф в Европе

02 // We Work Officially

What is required to book your date? To book a date, we need a prepayment of 20% of service cost.  
We will sign the contract. The remaining amount is paid on the wedding day. After making a prepayment, your date will be officially booked. We're all yours!

Фотограф в Европе


We are always there. You can rely on us. We photograph your smiles, tears of joy, your parents and guests, and every detail of the holiday. We convey in the photographs your love for each other, care for the guests and the whole atmosphere of this fabulous day.

Фотограф в Европе








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