Photo Project Italy

Objective of the project — bring participants to a new international level and create a high-quality selling portfolio.

You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of northern Italy. Inspiration, reboot, positive emotions, communication and warm evenings - all this awaits you these days.
Among the participants: photo and video specialists, presenters, organizers, coordinators, stylists, decorators. Everyone who is so closely associated with the wedding industry. On the project, you can find a team for further work in the wedding industry in different countries.
We will create an atmosphere of creativity, help and mutual understanding, so we are forced to limit the number of participants in each direction.

Before you become part of the team, you have to fill out a questionnaire. You can ask all your questions in the chat by calling us.


Фото Проект Италия


Фото Проект Италия

Lago di Braies

Фото Проект Италия

Mount Seceda

Фото Проект Италия



August 12 - Milan - group gathering

August 13 - Milan - lovestory

Фото Проект Италия

The ideal time to shoot in Milan is at dawn. At this time, there are no crowds of tourists, the streets are empty, and this makes the city even more attractive. In addition to the most famous Duomo di Milano and the Passage, we will look into the hidden streets and shoot an Italian breakfast overlooking the cathedral.

6:00 - General fee near the Duomo di Milano
6:30 — 9:00 - wedding walk
10:00 – breakfast and a master class on producing and aging on projects (optional)
13:00 - transfer from the hotel to Lago Di Braies
17:00 – settlement
19:00 - general dinner on request

August 14 - Lago di Braies

It's time to hold our breath, soon we will see an incredible mountain lake - Lago Di Braies. An ideal place for a wedding ceremony.

4:00 – general collection and road to Lago Di Braies
6:00 — 7:00 - ceremony on the pier or at the church
7:00 — 9:00 - stroll
9:00 — 9:30 — photo session in the boat
9:30 — 10:00 - road to the hotel
12:00 — 14:00 - general lunch on request
16:00master class on photo processing from Alexandra Vozniuk
- general dinner on request

Фото Проект Италия

August 15 - Mount Seceda

Фото Проект Италия

Before we see the largest and most beautiful location in Italy - Mount Seceda, we will climb on two lifts. At the top at the same time a strong wind and a burning sun.

8:00 – Departure to Mount Seceda
9:00 — 9:30 - lift
9:30 — 11:30 - stroll
11:30 — 12:30 - picnic
12:30 — 13:00 - lift
13:30 — 15:00 - general lunch on request 
15:00 — 18:30 – transfer to Venice
19:00 – settlement

August 16 - Venice

Venice! Not only the most romantic city in Italy, but also the most touristic. Piazza San Marco, canals and old streets of Venice fall in love at first sight. Dozens of walking photo shoots are held there every day, but we will make a full-fledged wedding day!

5:15 - General fee for San Marco
5:30 — 6:30 - ceremony
6:30 — 8:30 - stroll
8:30 — 9:00 – restaurant, table overlooking the canal
9:30 — 10:30 - shooting on a gondola
10:30 — 12:30 – shooting fees
13:30 — 15:00 - lunch, completion of the project.

Фото Проект Италия

Project duration: 5 days and 4 nights.
Number of shots: Wedding walk in Milan.
Wedding ceremony on the lake Lago di Braies.
Wedding walk on Mount Seceda.
Wedding day on the canals of Venice.
Transfer: from Milan to Venice already included in the price.
Additional expenses: hotel, meals and workshops on request.

Фото Проект Италия

Photographer / videographer

4 seats
  • after 1.08 — 1000€


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3 places
  • after 1.08 — 1200€


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1 place
  • after 1.08 — 1000€


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