Photo project Montenegro

Objective of the project – create a high-quality selling portfolio that will help attract customers in Montenegro.

Among the participants: 5 photographers, organizer, stylist, decorator.
On the project you can find a team for further work in Montenegro.

In the workshop program: 2 wedding storiesjoint lunches,
mastermind on the topic "attracting customers in different countries", joint photo processing.

Before becoming part of the team, you can ask all your questions in the telegram chat or call us.


Фото проект Черногория


Фото проект Черногория


Фото проект Черногория


Фото проект Черногория



// October 18 - Wedding photography

6:00 - Collection and departure to the location
6:30 - Filming the ceremony
8:00 — Shooting with a retro car
9:00 - Walk
11:00 – Fees
12:00 – Departure to the hotel
13:00 - Dinner
18:00 - Mastermind "customer acquisition"

Фото проект Черногория

Фото проект Черногория

// October 19 - Wedding photography

11:00 - Collaborative photo processing
14:00 - Departure for filming
15:00 – Shooting fees
16:00 — Shooting a walk
17:00 — Shooting on a yacht
18:30 – Departure to Budva
19:30 - Evening tea, wine, snacks, socializing.

Project duration: 2 days and 3 nights.
Number of shots:
1. Wedding shooting in a villa with a convertible.
2. Wedding photography on a yacht.
Additional expenses: flight, transfer to the hotel, meals.

Фото проект Черногория

// price


1 place
  • 2 wedding shoots
  • mastermind
  • After 10.10 – 500€


Submit your application:


5 seats
  • 2 wedding shoots
  • mastermind
  • photo processing
  • After 10.10 – 500€


Submit your application:


2 places
  • 2 wedding shoots
  • mastermind
  • After 10.10 – 300€


Submit your application:

Project Feedback

Фото проект Черногория

Before the project, we met Alexandra in Montenegro. And I fell in love with her! She seemed like such a bright person to me. Her image, the choice of the angle of the models, without too much fuss. I realized this girl has a taste and she is an esthete not only in photography😍 And then I find out that there will be a project in Italy and the main photographer Alexandra. It was Uiii) When a photographer has better shots of yours, you want to follow and absorb the necessary information. On a project in Italy, in what places we were, to tears. I saw the work of other photographers. Thinking about raising the price. Alexandra was open to talking about photography, for which she is eternally grateful! Next to such a person, I want to see bright, kind, sincere. Her processing is just an explosion, as airy and gentle as possible... I wish photographers to get to the project with Alexandra at least once in their lives✨ I will gladly repeat the mini-trip with the most wonderful PERSON❤️

Фото проект Черногория

Sasha, dear, thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Italian photo project. It's not just about a huge breakthrough for my personal portfolio of great shots and locations! This is primarily about getting to know you as a person and a professional. You inspire with your lightness and positive attitude. I am delighted with every detail, about every well-thought-out location in advance, about the technical aspects. I didn't have to think about anything, everything was so well planned that all I had to do was click the shutter and enjoy the whole process. Even when unforeseen circumstances got in the way, you knew how to beat and get a great shot. Your vision and aesthetics are energizing and motivating. It's not just easy to work with you, I enjoyed talking with you and it was not just a photo project, but a wonderful memory and I already dream of getting to your new project in Cappadocia!

Фото проект Черногория

I want to say thank you very much!!! You did a great job, everything is amazing! I saw how you worry, but you did it! I am very glad that I was able to come, I was glad to watch what you do, how you put the shot. Everything was wonderful, yes, it was difficult in terms of the fact that many people, all creative, everyone wanted to realize something, it is very, very difficult to get such a powerful bunch of creative people to do something according to the instructions, but you are great. Thank you very much again! I really hope to meet again. Thank you for the opportunity to create and the warm welcome!

Фото проект Черногория

I want to express my deep gratitude for the cool tour) These 4 days flew by like one day. So many cool locations and so many cool models, wow, these photos broke my instagram🙏🏻 Thanks again to you and Yura.
For your patience and professionalism, and for the sincere atmosphere!

Фото проект Черногория

Sasha is so good for you for that beautiful beauty 🤍 Bulo is even easier to practice. For sure, be it food, we helped, sometimes it seemed to me that you didn’t take pictures. And only then I robbed that I went and marveled at the results of the participants:) Dear you 🤍

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